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Life Orientations® International Day (January 14, 2022)

- The Past, the Present, and the Posterity! -

Life Orientations International day is an annual event intended to support LIFO practitioners in their use of the LIFO method and connect practitioners with the worldwide network of professionals in LIFO community. It is a lively and engaging event that will open the eyes of practitioners to new possibilities for using LIFO and continuing their own journey.

As a meeting of our worldwide network, this event provides opportunities for sharing work experiences from various places all over the globe where practitioners can learn from other professionals, expand their view of the material, re-energizing themselves, and for connecting and working with others.

In this event, we will focus on the future of Life Orientations. Starting with a look back at the influences, thinking, and history of the work, we will together explore possibilities for the future. Our intention is to build our future together.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gain a big picture view of the thinking and influences behind Life Orientations
  • Explore possibilities for using digital tools with the material
  • Learn from the network of practitioners and exchange experiences and ideas
  • Learn from success cases
  • Understand and contribute to the long-term strategy for the material

Date: January 14, 2022
Starting Time: 9AM New York / 11AM Sao Paulo / 3PM CET/ 5PM KSA/ 10PM Singapore / 11PM Tokyo
Duration: 4 hours
Investment: Free

Agenda and schedule:

Agenda and schedule
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Mochten maatregelen tegen het Corona virus (COVID 19) hiertoe dwingen, wordt deze training online verzorgd.

  • Data: 16 november 2022, 17 november 2022, 21 december 2022
    Locatie: Baarn, Nederland
    Taal: Nederlands
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